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  1. Folks-

    Total noob here, but have spent many hours trying to find a solution. We're at urgent level at this point. Need some MAC help here. If you know of a better forum for MAC users, please advise.

    I still can't see audio in VOB2MPG's exported mpg file when I try to edit it in Final Cut Pro.

    Our workflow is MAC. We have 500GB of .vob video content (both PAL & NTSC) that needs to be edited in Final Cut Pro. I have tried numerous options to get the content ready to edit. I've tried several options in ffmpegX (mux and demux) without success, though it's highly likely I'm not doing something right. So finally I decided to use this software I see many PC users mentioning: vob2mpg. I install it on a PC and appears to work fine. Exports mpg file. It plays fine on PC and in VLC player on MAC.Then I try to import into Final Cut Pro.

    All the content, whether .vob or .mpg still does not contain audio in Final Cut.

    Quad core iMac 27"
    Snow Leopard
    Final Cut Pro Studio 7
    Installed Perian tools
    Installed ffmpegX (not that it matters)

    It's old. But the video plays fine when exported.
    Installed VOB2MPG version 3 (not pro...yet)

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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  2. It appears that I'm supposed to add yet another stage to this process: MPEG Streamclip. However, I can't find the support files in the system folder where they should be:

    In case someone else is struggling with this, I posted an updated issue here:

    If anyone else has a solution, please do chime in.
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    Not sure about the MAC related issues - but on the PC: no sound is usually down to the fact that you don't have an AC3 directshow filter installed. Again for the PC, the solution is to install AC3Filter.
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