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  1. Hey guys,
    long time reader, new posting. I am using, what I think is a good program, AVS video converter. Now, I stream HD movies to my xbox 360, so when I convert some of them to 2 ch (because xbox does not do DTS or 6 ch) I get like a loud crackling sound at loud parts of movies, like action files, and shoot em up. (the original is fine on my computer, Seems the DTS ones, I think the AC3 ones are fine)
    So, I basically keep the video the same, but the audio I change to 2 ch. I tried lowering the bit rate (tried 96 and even 36), but no go. I tried lowering the bit rate to24000 too, anyone have any troubles with this and figured it out? I searched forums but nothing.
    Thanks again
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  2. Have you tried XenonMKV?
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  3. sweet, thanks guys. I will try those
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