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    I would like to know if there is a way to find out who created a photo if the information does not show in the general properties of the photo. This relates to photos that have been created by scanning a printed document to a photo format.
    For instance, it says a HP Scanjet was used & Picasa software but the author is blank. Is there any way of finding out who the author would be in hidden info on the photo?
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  2. This is information is called "metadata", and it is not necessarily always filled out. So if the author category is blank, it is likely that it was left out.

    I use adobe bridge to view metadata, but I'm sure there are other viewers
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  3. Irfanview can be used to read and write the data.
    Unfortunately for metadata and EXIF info, is that it can be changed or deleted by someone else who has access to the files at anytime.

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