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  1. i got 3 drives... 1 simpletech 150g external....1 WD 500gb external, and 1 buffalo 500gb external... these had a lot of photoshop projects, FLAC, WAV, .VOB (dvds made from TMPGenc. ive been trying to recover these files with various programs, but the programs that will recognize what is on the drives, often **** up the file names.

    the simpletech drive i have only been able to get migo software to list the files, so i have to pretty much guess which files go to what video and recover that way

    havent tried the buffalo drive yet

    the WD i can get lot of different programs to list what is on the drive, but then only some folders have their originalnames, others say new folder3 and so on to like 56. and when i open the folders the files names have letters missing. a file names video_ts will show up as _ideo_ts and will do this for all folders, meaning that no matter what video file i extract its always the same clip.

    so far i have tried recover4all, migo, handyrecovery, uneraser, freeundelete. im using windows xp home

    anyone know of a way or a program that will allow me to recover the folders with the contents inside and not have the files all renamed?

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    Try recuva,if the file names are missing letters then the programs have to give the files the letters that are left in names,nothing you can do to fix the file names.
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