Can someone help me with the following instructions:

WMV HD (WMV9) high definition is not compatible with PS3. You have to extract the VC-1 elementary stream from the WMV HD using ASF2VC1 & transcode the audio WMA to AC3, then mux video VC-1 and audio AC3 to MTS/M2TS container. This will take about 3-7 minutes per video file on a core 2 duo computer. If the high definition videos were encoded in MP4 H.264, it will be compatible with Blu-ray, Iphone, Zune HD, Mac, Windows, PS3, Xbox360, & Blu-ray movie disc format.

Apparently the author of the above instruction is from this forum (maybe a mod from here...but I couldn't find the topic he/she was referring to)

1) Using AsfBin, I already FIXED the video (HD1080p in .wmv) and no problem playing in Windows
2) WDTV LIVE couldn't play the FIXED video (black screen) and apparently I need to use the above instructions, but I have no slight clue how to carry out the instructions...

Thanks in advance.