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  1. Hi !

    I have an original DVD with 4 subs. Norwegian, Danish , swedish , and Finnish. And i want to add in som more subs.

    I have tested / try'd this guide :

    DVD- Lab-pro let's me add 8 more subs. (do anybody know about another prog. that supports even moore ?). But when i complete my DVD and play it , the 4 original subs. (Norwegian, Danish , swedish , and Finnish) have suddenly disappeard !. The new subtitles that im adding is overwriting the original ones, but i want to keep the original ones too !. Is there any way to add more subs. To an original DVD and STILL keep the Original subs too ?
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  2. Originally Posted by Baldrick

    thanks !

    But which Method is the best 1 or 2 ? Is it possible to add up to 8 subs (or more ?) in these guide ?
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