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    I just started trying to rip Blu Ray discs and am using RipBot264...
    The first movie I tried worked great, and gave me a nice output file for a 98 minute film that was about 10GB and the quality was great.
    I tried to rip Star Trek I last night, which is 132 minutes long and, when using the standard 4.0 bluray, consoles profile on QC=22 and 5.1 audio, the output was 2.4GB!! The resulting file had a bitrate of about 2200 kbps...

    Now, oddly enough, the video looks pretty good as far as I can tell...but I cannot for the life of me figure out why it would be a quarter the size of a movie that was more than 30 minutes shorter.

    Any thoughts?
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  2. CQ = Constant Quality factor. So it does not mean constant bitrate/size! Every movie is different. Static movies do not require high bitrate because they are easier to compress. Also movies with wider aspect ratio (2:35 , 2:40) will need less bitrate than regular 16:9! 1920x1080 vs 1920x816. Less pixels to encode = lower bitrate. If quality is ok so be happy and do not complain about saved size!
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