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  1. petronas
    I'm new to the video editing scene and have just recieved (For Christmas) a JVC GZ-HD320.

    I'm just a little confused at which AVCHD preset setting I should be using. I'm recording in the highest settings in the camera. Would the Premiere Pro preset change when I change the quality setting on the camera?

    I figured out, through some research on these forums that AVCHD will not play smoothly on my pc. I want to know if editing the choppy playing AVCHD files on Premiere Pro will hard code the choppy'ness after I have exported the file to a respective file format?
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    if the quality setting only changes the bitrate, then no. if the setting changes the size of the image(like form 1920x180 to 1280x720) then yes.

    no the choppiness is only from your computer being too slow to decode the video, it won't make any difference while encoding it other than it may take a really long time to complete.
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  3. petronas
    Thank for the quick reply mate.

    So what would be a good format to keep the edited files in?

    I keep reading about h.264 but there are like 30 different sub headings under that container in the Premiere Pro CS4 presets...

    Something for storage and something for youtube?
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  4. Iam struckling too as iam kind of same situation. I managed to get one sample movie but now when i try to encode it i can not find proper settings. I tried directly from premiere no luck. Then i use encore cs4 and i choosed blu ray image so i could easily test it with pa blu ray players like total theathre and cyberlink. None of the players would regonize this image. I use h.264 coded and doly sounds. When i browse through blu ray image i can find video file but no sound there at all. Also i noticed that this one transition makes picture look all jerky. So its not so simple as people are saying.
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