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  1. I have an old Hi-fi with what seems to be 6.1.

    I have 2 big ones, ground speakers i suppose, 4 small ones that go all around probably base speakers and one top speaker that must be the sub woofer.

    Each one looks like these.

    How can i get the best of this setup?

    I also found this link with more pics and information of my HIFI.
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  2. That appears to be a 5.1 system. The amp has connections for two center channel speakers (and instructions for using a single center channel speaker). See figure 1:
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  3. But it uses 4+2 how come it's 5.1 and not 6.1.

    In your statement about central speaker you mean that there are two that act as one meaning that they display the same channel so it's 1 channel for the 2 ground speakers plus the other 4 makes 5?

    Also can you make our from the last of my pictures if that top speaker us indeed the bass?
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  4. Front left
    Front right
    Front center (2 speaker outputs, same audio on both)
    Rear left
    Rear right

    That's 5. Then the front left and right channels carry the low frequency (sub) audio (rather than having an separate sub output). That's why they're big floor standing speakers, not little bookshelf speakers.
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  5. BTW is it possible to input multichannel sound from RCA?

    Cause this receiver does have an spdif connector but it is only for outputting from the Disc drive, not for input from external sources...
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  6. You can't get true multichannel audio from a stereo RCA audio input but you can get Dolby surround.
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  7. That appears to be FL, FR, SL, SR - the four matching speakers, then one Center, the oblong speaker. My guess would be the two large floor speakers are from a different set. No subwoofer as the amp has no output for it.
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  8. Is there no way to have multiple channels with this receiver?

    What do you suggest would be the best placement I can get with the equipment I currently own?
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    At best it is a Dolby Pro-Logic (I, not II) set up. So anything recorded with a Dolby PL sound track will give you mono rear and perhaps centre dialogue, but little else. It is better than straight stereo, but not as good as true 5.1

    Of course, you cannot tell this just from the speakers. It will be written somewhere on the amp or in the manual, assuming it still exists.
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  10. If you're happy with the speakers you can just get an A/V receiver. That will save you a bundle.
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  11. Any idea what will happen if I use this cable?

    IS it better to have sound from the rca or from this?

    Also can i get this to transfer sound from optical directly to headphones???
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  12. That's an optical digital cable. That will be better than stereo RCA. Where does that run? From the DVD player to the amp?

    I've never seen headphones that use that cable. It would require that the headphones have an D/A converter and amplifier built in.
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  13. No the optical will run from my ps3 optical output and will connect to this hifi via the 3.5 input.

    But since it outputs 3.5 I wonder if I can use a 3.5 female-female and get headphones on the other end as well!
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