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  1. hi !

    i'm new on this forum, so i wish myself a welcoming message And by the way, i'm french, so , please don't yell at me when i do any syntaxe mistakes in my expression

    Well, here i am : I have a HD numeric tv receiver (neufbox sfr HD) with a HDMI output.
    I don't have any HD TV, but i have a real computer and a 24 inches monitor which feed me fully !
    i didn't have enought money to purchase a real HD tv and neither the place in my room to put a big screen !

    So i wish buy the blackmagic capture card to display (i mean watching tv) the hdmi source from my receiver on my computer .

    I don't need to record the source, only view.

    The problem comes from the documentation which notices this crucial point :
    Copy protected video
    HDMI video sources may output copy protected encrypted video. By law Intensity Pro is not allowed
    to capture from copy protected HDMI sources, such as HDCP encrypted video and DVD players.
    what does it mean ?
    it doesn't to mean clearly that the device cannot display an encrypted flow, it said that the device is not allowed to do that.
    So, how can we understand the mean ?

    Does the device allow to view the video (that is what i need) even it the source is encrypted but it will block you to record it


    does it mean the device will block you even to display the encrypted source !

    does anyone have already meet this issue ?

    i repeat my need : i don't want to record the HD source, just display and view it !

    by advance, thanks for all your help and opinion.
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    Hi Michael,

    The answer to your direct question is NO; HDCP restrictions donít allow it.
    Depending on what you exactly want to do, there are 2 alternatives.
    Share the display using an HDCP compliant switchbox (this requires that your display is HDCP compliant) or buy a new HDCP compliant display that can do picture in picture (example: Dell UltraSharp U2410).
    Itís likely not the answer you wanted, but I hope it is of some help.
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  3. The Intensity definitely will not record and HDCP protrected source. I don't know if it will allow you to view it. Get a Mux-HD and you won't have to worry about it.
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  4. what is a myx-HD ?

    have you an example of a such device ?
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  5. MUX-HD is an HDCP stripper:
    HDMI with HDCP in, HDMI without HDCP out
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