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  1. So here's the story. I have digital photo frame made by The model is MW12Z. The company provides no support. It holds 2004 pictures. I want to work around this pic limit by creating a video of JPG stills. So I used Vdub to open a bunch and save them as uncompressed .avi

    Problem is, I can't seem to find format that works with this frame. The frame is 800x480. This is what the manual says about video support.

    I tried making a 800x480 .avi with Picvideo MPJPEG codec and frame rate set to 0.1 in vdub so 1 pic every 10 seconds. The frame said unsupported codec. I also tried a 800x480 MPG-1 made in TMPGENC. no luck.

    What's your interpretation of this?

    i.e., do you think I should try 720x480? or MP4 container? or other codec? I see in SUPER that there's all kinds of different combos... any suggestions? thanks!

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  2. oh yeah, and vids off my canon and olympus digi cams work fine. But they're smaller file size and more standard 320x240. But gspot says those are just MJPEGs also, so why didn't mine work?
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    D1 is either 720x480 (NTSC) or 720x576 (PAL). MPEG-4 is as vague as it can be (so is AVI for that matter, but at least we know what that means 99% of the time). MPEG-4 may mean Divx/Xvid video in an MPEG-4 container. I'm not sure what kind of audio it supports. Anyway, 800x480 is too big. Try 720x480 or lower. I don't mess with MP4 containers much and don't make them by choice, so my suggestion would be to try standard AVI with Divx/Xvid.
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