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  1. I just bought a video media player that can only support max RMVB resolution up to 1024x576.
    How can I change the RMVB video file with Full HD 1280x720 to HD?

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    You would have to re-encode them and set a smaller video framesize in the encoder settings. You will have quality losses, unfortunately.

    I'm not sure why someone would create a 1280x720 HD RMVB file though.

    But welcome to our forums.
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  3. Many converters will allow you to use or edit an AviSynth script the program reads during the conversion. There are a bunch of resize filters out there. Some look better if you are resizing larger, but some can produce output with jaggies if you are resizing smaller. A good idea is to slice off a small piece of video and do a few conversions with various resize filters and look at the output. Here's one site with a bunch of filters:

    Or the encoder program may have several to choose. Check the help. Sometimes it will advise which resizer to use depending on if you are upsizing or downsizing.
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