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    I have 3 Sony camcorders, model vx2100. For so long everything was great doing weddings and such. Now all heck has broken loose. Getting skips of blotchy sqares from all 3 camcorders. Could it be the cold weather. Anybody else having this prob? I am using tdk tapes and they have been good for me for years... HELP>>> has any body tried the new portable firewire compact flash recoders from sony? MRC1 I am hoping they will work with my sony 2100
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  2. How old are the tapes and how cold?
    If the tapes are old they are probably worn out, the more you use magnetic tape the worse it gets. If the temperature drops below 50F there could be condensation, especially if you go from outdoors to indoors.
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  3. The problem isn't usually that the tapes or equipment got cold, it's usually using the tapes or playback equipment too soon after moving from the cold to warm as already stated. Give the tapes/camcorder a day after moving from cold to warm. If the tapes/camcorder are real cold, try not to go from cold to warm all at once. Slowly warm them up to keep condensation from occuring.
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