Ive just bought an lg bd390 blu ray player and was hoping to stream video from samsung i8910 mobile to it which is in .mp4 format, id called lg to ask if this was possible and was told it was as long as both devices werd dlna certified to class 1.5 which they are. Last night i received the player and set it up, really disapointed to find that i can see my photos and music from my phone but cannot play any of the videos, the blu ray player just switches itself off. The manual would apear to indicate that it should be able to play .mp4 files via dlna but on phoning lg this afternoon i have been advised that they have mis printed the manual and the player now cannot in fact play .mp4 files from my phone.

Does lg have any idea what they,are talking about, should i be able to do what i want to do from my phone in mp4 format or not, if i should be able to what could the problem be.

F.y.i im using the blu ray player and mobile wirelessly via 54 g router