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    I have a video I made and added subtitles to it, using steps I found on this website. When I open the file on my computer, the subtitles are there, but when I email the video to someone else, the subtitles are no longer attached to the video. What step did I miss in the creation process?

    Here's what I did:
    I added the subtitles using Subtitle Workshop
    I saved them as a .sub file with the same name as my video
    Then I used configured them using ffdshow

    ... I did this earlier in the day, so I don't know if I'm even missing a step that I did earlier.

    I guess the main point is, the video works with subtitles on my lap top when I play it, btu when I send it to someone, or upload it to youtube, it no longer has subtitles.
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    Make permanent/burned in subtitles, with for example autogk see .

    Or else must the user who play it also have ffdshow or vsfilter or a player with builtin subtitle support.
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