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    I have no idea where to post. So here is my situation: My "cable" provide is not the standard broadband. Rather, it is a fiber optic directly to my house with a dedicated bandwidth. It includes TV, phone, and internet. I am happy with it and the internet is fast.

    TV programming comes to be via IPTV. The fiber comes in to a command center on my basement wall. coonnections for phone and TV via digital connectors go to severl TVs in my house.

    Previously, with standard cable I could record on VCR (yes, this was a while ago) one channel and watch another. This is not possible with IPTV. I can only record the channel I am watching and there is no on screen delayed programming.

    TV channels are selected via a proprietary box with the name AMINO on it.

    Is there any software of technolgy that would allow me to "TIVO" a program like many people do with cable technolgoy
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    About all I can do is point you to Amino's website. You may not be able to do what you want as most video suppliers don't want you to be able to copy anything, for any reason. I would do a search for a website or forum that specifically deals with Amino devices and you would probably get better info there. Or maybe one of our members has a suggestion.

    Wow! A direct fiber connection. I'm jealous. It will be a long time before most of us have that option.

    And welcome to our forums.
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