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  1. Ok, the same problem as usual: S-VCD !
    I want to convert my i-movies to S-VCD, cause the Toast-5-VCD-Export is not my Qualtity...
    How can i turn my to .bin/.cue files ?
    I tried VCDImager, Fireburner, tmpegenc and stuff - but nothing works.
    I have no Cleaner or Astarte M.Pack.
    Hm, what to do ? Thanks for help !
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  2. translate your mov to AVI format with Quicktime, then use TMpgenc to encode MPG2 (using the SVCD template), then use VCDImager to convert that MPG2 to .bin/.cue, finally use Fireburner to chunk that .bin/.cue into two XA tracks you can burn with Toast Multitrack XA mode.
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  3. thank you !
    it will be a hard work for virtual-pc... - but iŽll try.
    and there is no way to do these steps on mac-os (maybe encode to mpg2)?
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  4. Try using standalone device like Datavideo VDR-3000DV.
    This device can burn onto CD-R as S-VCD from iMac via FIreWire cable. All you need is to play the video inside iMac.
    Graphics Vision (M) Sdn Bhd
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  5. g_fahr, to my knowledge that method is the only one which let you make truly compliant SVCD, and in addition, it is also the best quality encoding method available; I tried encoding on mac with Cleaner 5 and others (elementary streams, then mux in Tmpgenc) but the result is not strictly compliant, it will take anyway one year-light to complete, and will not play on some DVD players; MPG2 encoding for SVCD is not generic MPG2 encoding (special user data blocks are added at encoding step) and no mac encoder handles it right now. It is said that Roxio will include SVCD support in their next Toast release, maybe it's only a rumor, maybe it's true... let's hope!
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  6. thanx major. i made a test s-vcd and it works. but i think - iŽm a little bit pampered by watching to much dvd
    the best way, is to wait for dvd-burner price reduction... cause roxio-support told me, that there will be no svcd-support in the next time
    ok, now iŽll saved my finished i-movies back to dv-cassette and wait for "better" times
    cu (at my next problem) and best whishes, g_fahr
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