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    I just bought a new Philips TV. It seems to be running some kind of retail/demo mode, that shows all the specifications / characteristics of the TV, in a bar, placed in the top area of the screen.

    This bar pops up every 10 seconds, and shows random stuff like Full HD, hz, etc.

    Any idea how to remove this?

    It's a 37PFL5604H TV from Philips. There wasn't any manual in the box...

    Thanks in advance, Stress
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    If I remember correctly- click the menu button, run initial setup. When you are through, it asks if this is a home installation (permanent settings) or if this is for a store (the settings revert to default after the set is turned off). Press home installation. (Then go back and play with the settings. The initial setup comes close, but doesn't quite get the best results.) Also be sure to turn off all of the automatic things- contrast, motion, etc. They really mess up a decent picture.
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