being a happy user of a Panasonic SD5 Camcorder with SDHC-Card (producing AVCHD Video) I have only one problem: I cannot play the edited Version (by Sony Vegas Platnium - Trial Version and others) back onto a SDHC-flash card. Since the Cam has an HDMI-and an AV-Output (both work very good) I could otherwise connect the Cam to any TV and show my videos.

The fileformat is MTS on the SCHD-Card and downloaded into the PC with the HD-Writer (Panasonic) it is changed into m2ts. (The files are in a structure called BDMV.) If you don't have to edit the video the HD-Writer is perfect. It even produces a perfect (AVC-)DVD, that can be read at least with a Panasonic Bluray-Player; but editing files with the HD-Writer is not "human".

I edited my files - like mentionned above - with Sony Vegas and can store the edited *.m2ts files on HDD. But trying to put them back onto the SDHC-Card is physically possible but the Cam says it cannot read them.

Does anyone has overcame this problem? Thanks a lot.