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    I recently swapped out the broken DVD burner (SD-W3002) in my Toshiba D-R2 DVD recorder. I replaced it with a Hitachi-LG model GSA-H20L.

    I can play DVD's so that's a good thing. However, I cannot record DVD's. That's a sad thing.....

    Upon closer examination, I realized that the DVD firmware version was changed upon installation of the new burner.

    How is it possible to flash the Toshiba f/w onto this new player? I already burned the iso images of the firmware disks, however, when I attempt to upgrade the firmware onto the new burner the DVD recorder tells me the software ain't compatiable.

    Thank you for your guidance.

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    Very bad idea trying to use the wrong firmware on a drive. You're lucky it didn't destroy the drive. And since this is covered in your other thread and this is considered a crosspost, locking it. Please read our rules before posting.

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