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    I own a Popcorn Hour A-110 media player which supports SUB/IDX external subtitles, but not when they are contained within an MKV file. (Something to do with the subs being compressed if put inside the MKV I believe, not sure).

    I have some backups of DVDs which I currently have in ISO format on the media player, but they do sure take a lot of space. (Luckily I haven't started with bluray yet!) So I would like to convert the DVD ISOs to H.262(?)/MKV. I found this excellent utility Handbrake for doing this. However, I only have two options: 1) burn subs into the video and 2) contain subs inside MKV. Sadly, I don't like either option, 1) because I want to be flexible in the future and don't like burnt-in subs, and 2) because my media player doesn't support it.

    So what's the easiest way to extract the subtitles in SUB/IDX format from my already existing ISO files?

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    VSRip. But I don't think it can open isos directly...but you could mount the iso using daemon tools or Virtual CloneDrive.
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