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  1. Hi,

    When I try to burn an iso image (with Nero or ImgBurn) it fails while finalizing the disc. "PMA error" if I remember well.

    The iso is an home made with imgburn with DVD video structure.

    If I burn the folder instead of the iso it passes without problems.

    So I sacrified some disc to try, each time I burn an iso (home made or downloaded linux iso) it fails.

    If I burn the content extracted to a directory is succeed.

    What can be the problem ???????

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  2. Are these SL or DL?
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  3. SL, I never tried a DL disc.
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  4. Post an ImgBurn log, maybe someone can figure it out.
    How big is the ISO file?
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  5. I don't keep the log file And I don't want to kill another empty dvd for now by testing an iso.

    The ISO is about 3.92 GB
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    Imgburn automatically saves the logs, under "Help" menu. Each burn log is appended to the previous ones, so unless you explicitly deleted or otherwise turned logging off, it's saved.
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