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    I have a Humax PVR for recording satallite progs.
    I recorded a series of 5 progs and wanted to put the on DVD
    Normally I manage this OK as follows.
    1) The Humax produces TS format, demultiplex using doom 9 projectx to get vid/audio files.
    2) Then add the 5 files sets to dvdauthorgui and generate the DVD directory AUDIO/VIDEO
    3) Use DVD shrink to ensure it all fits.
    4) Then burn DVD.
    Normally this all works great.
    But DVDAUTHOURGUI complained about something so I set it "use alternate multiplexer".
    It all seemed to work OK
    I checked it on my PC with VLCplayer and no lip sync problems at all.
    However on my DVD player the lipsync is very bad.
    I made another DVD burn but that's as bad.
    Any ideas ?
    Thanks Jim
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  2. Member AlanHK's Avatar
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    Originally Posted by prioryjim
    But DVDAUTHOURGUI complained about something
    If you said exactly what this error message was, someone might be able to help.
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    I will get the message tonight !
    Although use alternate multiplexer seem to get rid of the message!
    Till later ...
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    After pressing "author DVD" you very soon get a popup ..
    There was an unknown error.Please review the log for more information.
    And the log is below

    However if I tick the "Tools/Use Alternate Muxer"
    The error goes away and the DVD completes.
    But when burnt and played on a real DVD I get lip sync problems.
    Any ideas, if not perhaps I could email as specified in log!

    The LOG

    DVDAuthorGUI 1.017 - 2/16/2009
    Send problems with DVDAuthorGUI to
    ***please wait while the titles are multiplexed.
    *(mplex)multiplexing title: 1.....
    INFO: [???] mplex version 2.0.0 (2.2.3 $Date: 2004/01/13 20:45:26 $)
    INFO: [???] File C:\opt\RawFilms\xx\xxx.m2v looks like an MPEG Video stream.
    INFO: [???] File C:\opt\RawFilms\xx\xxx.mp2 looks like an MPEG Audio stream.
    INFO: [???] Video stream 0: profile 8 selected - ignoring non-standard options!
    INFO: [???] Found 1 audio streams and 1 video streams
    INFO: [???] Selecting dvdauthor DVD output profile
    INFO: [???] Multiplexing video program stream!
    INFO: [???] Scanning for header info: Video stream e0 (C:\opt\RawFilms\xx\xxx.m2v)
    INFO: [???] VIDEO STREAM: e0
    INFO: [???] Frame width : 544
    INFO: [???] Frame height : 576
    INFO: [???] Aspect ratio : 16:9 display
    INFO: [???] Picture rate : 25.000 frames/sec
    INFO: [???] Bit rate : 3791200 bits/sec
    INFO: [???] Vbv buffer size : 176128 bytes
    INFO: [???] CSPF : 0
    INFO: [???] Scanning for header info: Audio stream c0 (C:\opt\RawFilms\xx\xxx.mp2)
    INFO: [???] Audio version : 1.0
    INFO: [???] Layer : 2
    INFO: [???] CRC checksums : no
    INFO: [???] Bit rate : 16384 bytes/sec (128 kbit/sec)
    INFO: [???] Frequency : 48000 Hz
    INFO: [???] Mode : 0 stereo
    INFO: [???] Mode extension : 0
    INFO: [???] Copyright bit : 0 no copyright
    INFO: [???] Original/Copy : 0 copy
    INFO: [???] Emphasis : 0 none
    INFO: [???] SYSTEMS/PROGRAM stream:
    INFO: [???] rough-guess multiplexed stream data rate : 4003896
    INFO: [???] target data-rate specified : 10080000
    INFO: [???] Setting specified specified data rate: 10080000
    INFO: [???] Run-in Sectors = 89 Video delay = 13019 Audio delay = 16619
    INFO: [???] New sequence commences...
    INFO: [???] Video e0: buf= 237568 frame=000000 sector=00000000
    INFO: [???] Audio c0: buf= 4096 frame=000000 sector=00000000
    INFO: [???] Scanned to end AU 21393
    ++ WARN: [???] No seq. header starting new sequence after seq. end!
    **ERROR: [???] Sequence split detected 3 but no following sequence found...
    *(mplex)multiplexing title: 2.....
    INFO: [???] mplex version 2.0.0 (2.2.3 $Date: 2004/01/13 20:45:26 $)

    Process aborted due to above error
    There was an unknown error. Please review the log for more information.
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    Whatever program created the "C:\opt\RawFilms\xx\xxx.m2v" put some sequence splits in it, but apparently, no data following them. You should be able to remove the splits by processing your m2v file through restream (use 'Remove End sequence codes').

    By the way, 1.019 is out. I'd recommend updating to it.
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    OK thanks , that seems to have sorted it. At least the bits I have watched had actors with the correct voices this time !
    Wher can I get version 1.019
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