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    I can't seem to find the definitive answer to this one anywhere, so, I really hope someone here can help me. I want to hook up my WDTV Live to my home theater system (Onkyo HTS-9100THX) and needed to know if the HDMI connection will carry both audio and video. The manual is very confusing in that they suggest using HDMI for the best connection, but also goes on to advise that Toslink should be used for surround sound. That sounds like they're suggesting that I use both HDMI and Toslink for a home theater set up which would be very strange given the capabilities of HDMI 1.3. Can someone please clarify this for me? Do I need to use both HDMI and Toslink for surround sound or will HDMI alone suffice? Thank you in advance for your inputs.
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  2. From what I've read, 5.1 AC3 goes to both HDMI and Toslink, simultaneously. I haven't verified this myself though. I have the WDTV Live hooked up to a small HDTV in the bedroom and it gets audio -- but that TV doesn't report if it's 5.1.

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