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    Any suggestions as to the best freeware (or low price shareware) utility to do basic (non-lossy) AVCHD file trimming in Windows 7?

    I've got a Canon HF S10 camcorder which creates seperate MTS files for each sequence, most of which have some junk footage at the start or end which I simply want to roughly crop off - but without harming or re-encoding the main video or embedded timecode/etc data in any way. If it could also append two MTS clips together too, that'd be a bonus but not essential. I used to use VideoReDo Plus for MPEG2 files, so something akin to that would be great.

    For proper editing I'll be using Premiere Pro CS4, but I don't know if that can do simple stream-copy trims like this.

    Thanks for any help you can offer,

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    There aren't that many avchd lossless cutters out yet.

    Transport Stream Packet Editor
    Smart Cutter Ps/Ts
    tsMuxeR (very basic splitting/joining)
    Maybe avidemux and output as a mp4.
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  3. What about TsSniper and H264TS_Cutter?

    I think I read that a version of VideoRedo that handles h.264 is in beta now.
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