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    I have a single AVI file of a Spanish film for which I was only able to find the English subtitles in two files. I looked for weeks to find them. I downloaded Subtitle Workshop and I'm having a hard time joining them. I think the main reason is because file #2 begins again with No. 1 - 00:09:00 to 00:09:00 and so on. I tried changing the first time to all zeros but this still doesn't work because then all the rest are not in time. Using the join tool doesn't work because after the end of part 1, part 2 starts again at zero. Any ideas?? The film is "Moon Child" by Agustin Villaronga (1989). Help!


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  2. I've done this before. The general idea: Open the first file, adjust the timing (add the runtime of the first video) of all the subs, copy to copy/paste buffer. Open first SRT, move to end, paste.
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