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  1. i need to know what all should i install before perfectly use Vdub...other tools such as AviSynth what others.

    please i would also need to know what r the best settings in compression mode of vdub to get best video result
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    You don't need anything else to run virtualdub. It is self-contained.

    Optional, but helpful things include

    Avisynth, if you are prepared to do some scripting
    Lame MP3 for better MP3 audio compression
    Cedocida DV codec if you are dealing with DV AVI footage
    Extra plugins to extend Virtualdub's own feature set
    FFDShow if you are dealing with lots of different codecs in your source videos.

    There are no 'best' settings for encoding. Each video requires it's own settings, based on content. Also, different codecs require different settings. There is no universal answer to this question other than experience will tell you what you need.
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  3. Thanks.. can i also know how can i install flv plugin in it..
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  4. Import plugin filters, including FLV, are linked to in the VirtualDub page here. VirtualDub cannot export FLV.

    There are many sources if filters:
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