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  1. hello everybody! first time here and first time making dvd's.

    I have a bunch of vob files that were recovered from bad disks. now I'm trying to make dvd iso's out of them.

    I'm doing that by using vobedit and ifoedit to create what dvdshrink would need to re-author a dvd. menus, etc. not important.

    so you know what I'm doing, here's a script I made to follow:

    1. recover video files off disk

    2. put only vob files in a directory named VIDEO_TS, excluding the first small vob file

    3. rename in sequence VTS_01_00n.VOB

    4. run vobedit

    click "open" button, open first file

    click Edit, "join clips", select 2nd file, next dialog box should say first vob is number: 1 (is appending onto that)

    vobedit converts the files, automatically contuining in sequence. output named VTS_01_n.VOB

    first vob=1, unless doing something fancy

    close vobedit

    delete or move source files from directory.

    5. run ifoedit

    click "create IFOs" button

    open the first VOB file from vobedit output. make sure that "same as source" is checked.

    ifoedit reads VOB's and makes IFO's.

    items appear in top window of ifoedit. first one should say ....VIDEO_TS.IFO. click on it.

    in bottom window, double click VTS_1 Audio ..., change languadge to english, click ok. save and confirm when asked to overwrite.

    repeat for second line in top window.

    click "get VTS sectors" button, click Yes, click thru ok's

    close ifoedit

    now in VIDEO_TS folder there is a full set of files. compile with dvd authoring program as normal. The resulting DVD will contain one large Video sequence, no chapters nor menus, skipping can be done per 5 minutes.
    I'm happy with making only 1 movie per iso, I could fit 2 or 3 movies per dvd iso but I don't need to get that fancy.

    I go through all of the above with no problems but the first thing I do in dvdshrink is open the TS_Video folder, and it tells me this:

    "dvdshrink has encountered an error and cannot continue. invalid data in file C:\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB"

    I can be working with 2 or 3 or 4 vob's, but it's always the last vob that dvdshrink quotes.

    the vob's themselves each play in VLC Media Player, irregardless of whether they have been through vobedit or not. they don't seem to be corrupt.

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but to make things more complicated, it DID work for two movies. I double checked, did them over again, I was not doing anything different than the other movies.

    what might be the problem?
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    Personally, I don't like working with VOBs in isolation. If the IFO files are gone, or the VOBset is incomplete, I prefer to start again. This means using VOB2MPG or DGIndex to demux the VOBSet back to either a program stream (VOB2MPG) or elementary streams (DGIndex), and then authoring from there.
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    Welcome Dr_Sanguinary

    Steps 3 and 4 is what let you down

    Vobs contain information regarding vob id / cell id ... and each must contain the same number of streams ... some programs will detect the order is incorrect if it was done so and throw the error

    Use vobedit to demux each vob into different folders then use these streams in your dvd authoring program of choice and you won't have issues
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  4. if I demux the vobs, then don't I still have to join the video and audio streams in their respective folders? and what about the rest of the missing files, such as .ifo etc?

    basically, if I need to demux, I'm lost as to what to do.
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