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  1. Hey guys and gals,

    So, Im remodeling my basement. I am putting in a bar/home theater. The bar area will be relatively sports related with memorabilia and such. I was thinking a neat idea would be to put in a sports ticker, just as a novelty thing. However, from what I have found (from places like ticker warehouse), these things are ridiculously expensive (like $2K) and require a monthly fee anywhere from $40 - $60. This seems a little bit crazy.

    I then came across this website: In the features section, it says "sports, news, stock information available with optional receiver." So, I called the company and they said that they can sell me the sign and receiver (for a total of about $350) but I need to find a 3rd party to provide me with the feed for the sign. He mentioned something about Direct TV having a "small 1/3rd size receiver that can do this but its pretty expensive."

    The sign also has an RS-232 port on it so it obviously connects to a computer. The question I have is .. are there any 3rd party softwares that essentially just data mine constantly from espn or tsn or whatever and that can output to a place that you designate?

    Any help or information you guys have would be great.

    Thanks a ton.
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  2. Boooo.

    Its crazy how little information is known or available about this.

    Ah well
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