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    Never ran into this before with D'Flick , until new version.
    NOTE THAT I always want a DVD to begin with the main menu, as most commercially made DVDs will.
    (sure, many start with previews. My homemade discs will not include previews! yours?)
    *** Every dvd I've created has these problems;

    1) begins playing the 3rd title. OR ,

    2) might begin with 1st title , BUT upon hitting "MENU" button on remote , the disc
    jumps to the AUDIO Setup page , instead of the MAIN menu !
    You then must select "Main Menu" on the AUDIO page. Only now will you get there.

    3) Finally , reaching the Main Menu - the "Select Title" link is hidden , unless you use the "move right"
    button on the remote !! If this is meant to be clever??...... just seems really stupid ! Many will miss
    that link entirely. (dont we all have relatives and friends that wouldn't find it, unless you told them how?)

    As for the "Auto-Play Menu" selection. I have in past always checked it, and been ok.
    Is the wording incorrect ?? Taken literally , it would mean to jumpstart the DVD right to the Main Menu , I guess
    if you've not checked "start with" the audio, or subtitle menus??
    Did the author instead mean "Auto-Play DVD" ? , which might explain why my latest burns jump right to the
    1st title ........ but , in most cases the 3RD title ! ?? That's odd.
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    I'm also confused here. I unticked the "Auto-Play Menu" and when I insert my DVD it starts playing the first title already. Luckily it goes right back to main menu after it has finished playing. I just want it to go right to the menu now.
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