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    Long time amateur cinephile / videographer / hacker. Long a user of VideoHelp so it's time I contributed something. Which is:

    I got a Go Video Sonic Blue DVR4275 Dual Deck DVD & VHS player console form the side of the road. Mint condition with remote.

    I immediately started hunting for every hack / unlocking code available. I found the post for the model DVR4250 (one gen behind mine. I thought - probably the same codes posted will work on mine. INDEED THEY DID.
    BEFORE entering these unlock / enabler codes, I put factory silver VCD (NTSC USA pressing) in and tested. Nada.
    I then put a factory silver DVD-rom (Region 5 DVD, Russian, PAL) in and tested. Nada.

    After keying in the button sequences on the remote, BOTH discs played perfectly.

    Here are the button-press sequences:
    To do VCDs:

    Power on the player with no disk in the drive
    Press "PAUSE" on the remote
    Enter "1472" on the remote
    Press the UP arrow three times
    Press "PROGRAM", "5", "PROGRAM", "5" (the characters 04 EE should now be displayed)
    Press "ENTER" (the display should flash briefly)
    Press "RETURN"
    Power the player off and then back on
    Play a VCD!

    To unlock DVD regions (make it planetary):

    Go to DVD mode.

    Press pause.

    Enter Pi until FF appears (314159)

    Enter region desired (0 for region-free).

    Press pause again.

    Will not work while DVD is playing, while CD is playing, or while in ``dISK LOAD'' mode. However, it will work while DVD or CD is stopped.
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    YOu can now post it,

    It take some days until I have added new dvd players.
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    Hacks generally don't enable VCD playback. Not criticizing you for posting as it's very kind of you to share that, but that's just b.s. that the manufacturer turned off VCD support and made you enter a code to turn it on. What was that supposed to accomplish? I can understand needing to enter a code to unlock the region settings as the DVD licensing agreement makes that necessary, but making someone enter a code just to play a VCD is crap.

    You are incredibly lucky as it's almost impossible to hack any combo unit.
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