My current DVD player - Panasonic DVDRV32S is too ancient 8) to pay DVD-9 discs, so I'm thinking of getting either the Pioneer DV-220V-K Ultra-Compact Multi-Format DVD Player $80 or Pioneer DV-420V-K Multi-Format 1080p Upscaling DVD Player $100, however as both my current TVs are also so ancient (Panasonic 27" GAOO Series CT-27XF13C and Sony 20" WEGA KV-20FS100), I will definitely get a new HDTV (between 40" - 46") next month or latest before FIFA World Cup 2010, so would I be better off getting the just released Western Digital WDTV Live HD Network Media Player instead of a new DVD NON- Blue-Ray player?

I bought my current DVD player - Panasonic DVDRV32S back in 2003 and it's used NOT more than 10 times since, lol (cause I've got two PC and watching everything on 24" LCD monitors is more convenience), this is one of the reason why I'm considering the WDTV instead of a new DVD player.

If I'm to get the Western Digital WDTV, is it possible to copy/convert all my DVD-9 discs to external drive and play thru Western Digital WDTV via USB 2.0? will the picture quality the same as playing DVD-9 thru a DVD player?