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    I used VOB2MPGpro to convert a file from VOB to mpg. I only converted a couple of chapters and changed their order. The mpg file is ok for my computer but i cannot burn it on a DVD. Would appreciate any help.
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    You can burn it, but it won't be standard DVD structure...Use DVDflick or convertxtoDVD to convert to proper DVD..they should not re-encode if the video is mpeg2 compliant.
    Or you could de-mux the streams and re-author...Try
    DVDauthorGui or Gui for DVDauthor..
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    cannot burn it on a DVD
    Got to ask this ... But dose your system have a dvd burner ?

    If not ... buy one

    If yes, then ...

    1: If issue is burning dvd discs then please included dvd burners make and model ... use [ur=]SIW[/url] ... reasonably simple to use, just go down to hardware > storage devices ... it will tell you if a dvd burner is installed, make, model, firmware revision ... include this in next reply

    And also the dvd media's brand ... some are junk

    2: If you meant burn to dvd where the home dvd player is unable to play it then the home dvd player may not either support direct mpeg2 playback or the issue is with the audio format ... best to convert to dvd ... plenty of applications availble from this sites tool section
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