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    Hi everyone

    There is a TEAC DV-W58DP drives that replaces the Pioneer DVR-107XA DVD Burner inside your Pioneer DVRs such as the DVR-520h. They do exist and you can find some new.

    You will need to swap out the original circuit board to the new TEAC drive, a five minute swap, tools needed, small phillips screw driver to remove the DVD's bottom cover plate, and a pair of needle nose pliers to push one of the 4 ribbons back into its connector. There are detailed instructions here on

    If you need additional step by step help I can help you.


    Sorry about the other post Redwudz

    IBUYPOWER I7 16GB, Ebuntu 16 system, Pioneer DVR-520H, Pioneer DVR-225, Phillips DVR-3567H, Teac replacement drives for DVR-107xa
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    Not latest Video News. Moving to Newbie General.
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