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  1. I have a Vista tower and have used various burning software but had the most success recently with Roxio Creator '09 and when I save an AVI or MPG movie file it looks fine but then after buring to disc and playing them on my set top DVD player that's hooked to my TV the audio/video synch is off (usually the video is ahead of the audio by about a half a second).

    So what is the most reliable (yet user friendly, not good at guessing how much off by in frame numbers etc., just wish I could drag the sound around and match it up to the actor's mouths or something) tool I can use (if any, since now I think of it, the problem seems to happen at the burning stage) to fix this. I use Taiyo Yuden DVD+R's to burn the movies & I've been trading with a friend, we exchange Rapidshare links).
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    ConvertXtoDVD or DVD Flick if you just want to convert and burn any video to dvd-video.
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