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  1. I need a player that can play a dvd frame by frame, backwards also if possible.

    I tried Media Player Classic, but when I print screen and paste the image in photoshop, the image does some weird media player is not suitable. I also can't get it done neither with VLC, nor with wmp.

    Any other suggestion?

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  2. You're just looking for single frame caps?

    You can try virtualdubmod
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  3. Wow...that was fast!

    I don't know if i did something wrong, but the quality is ugly...

    Yes i'm looking for single frame caps
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  4. quality from vdubmod is "ugly"?

    can you describe what you mean? or post the screenshot?

    is your dvd interlaced?

    In virtualdub, you can use IVTC filter if it's telecined, or deinterlace filter if it's interlaced. Then Ctrl+2 to copy output frame

    If it's another pattern or blended DVD, then you can use avisynth to process it
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  5. Well, I don't want exactly only caps but also the ability to play backwards and forwards, one frame at a time, for studying purposes.
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  6. Vdub/vdubmod aren't players, they are meant for editing

    There are no good players that support single frame navigation that I know of, and it depends on your splitter/decoder used. KMplayer can go fwd 1 frame using the "f" key, but backwards doesn't work so well

    Are you playing this from your Hard Drive or DVD-ROM? It looks like copy protection. Did you use anydvd or dvdfab?
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  7. Seems like a fuss, edit the video first and then playback.

    KMPlayer does the exact same thing with Media Player Classic when I insert the picture into photoshop... Inside it, when i resize, rescale the window, the image stays intact
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  8. What weird stuff? aspect ratio? describe what you mean, because my crystal ball isn't working today

    The picture taken is the same size 1:1, the media player's don't take rescaled images. If you want to scale it, do it in photoshop.
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  9. Sorry for the delay

    I can't even capture it on screen. I can only describe it. Anything I do, move the frame inside photoshop, rescale it, the captured image from the movie stays intact, like it's stuck on the screen and the frame is just a transparent thing.

    I hope you get what I mean now, because I encountered this with every player that plays the movie forward frame by frame. KMPlayer, Media Player Classic, and PowerDVD
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  10. Originally Posted by IllusionOfLife

    Well, I don't want exactly only caps but also the ability to play backwards and forwards, one frame at a time, for studying purposes.
    Your file is corrupt or you have codec problems.

    VirtualDub and VirtualDubMod let you scroll forward and backward one frame at a time with the arrow keys.
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