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    Originally Posted by 7PWpNxx5 View Post
    just use yt-dlp & the firefox browser addon called "the stream detector" use it to grab the MPD
    and download the video.
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  2. Nice work and fast as always october262. Thank you a million times
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  3. Can someone help me with this one ?

    Thanks in advance
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  4. there is a "new" way to get these now, though i have been using it for a while now. if you use VLC, you can just load the m3u8 link into it, and save the video locally.
    to get that m3u8 link, you only need to right-click the page with the video, and click Inspect. then go to the Network tab, and look at the entries in a subtab named XHR. when you first load the page, it should be mostly empty. if not, just clear it. but as soon as you click play, pause it again right away, and the FIRST entry at the top should be the m3u8 file link. it is auto-generated with a hash authorization code which expires, so i cannot just give it to you, but if you just copy that link, then open VLC, and click Media > Convert/Save > Network , then Paste the URL into the field, and click the Convert/Save button at the bottom, it will start playing WITHOUT displaying anything. THIS IS NORMAL! it will play very quickly while it saves the file locally. don't interrupt it or do anything else on your PC. when it is done, you should be able to play the file in VLC to test it
    P.S., make sure that when you choose what format to save it in, you choose MP4, and have it copy the video and audio without re-encoding it. This will result in the best quality and fastest download.
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  5. Quote

    darkflux "there is a "new" way to get these now...."

    Thanks a million times for all the hard work. I had som problem with my PC, but this fixed it AND i LEARNED A LOT


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  6. Hi guys, any ideas on how to download either the video or entire playlist from here? submeta/courses/introduction
    Uses cloudflare - can get the dash-video link, but the file downloaded is encrypted (?) -
    Update: Found that it is hosted on Vimeo; one way is to get the link above and download the .mpd which works - any other solutions you guys use?
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  7. streamlink "" best -o video.ts
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  8. Downloading the long way

    filter on init

    look call :
    video options : bdd0bcde,baf59356,d03af824,ae35702b,94eb4088
    audio options : ad3393de,e34ccf8d

    look at video url call in dev tools

    look at audio url call in dev tools

    now consider the range parameters .... they start at 0 and the ending parameter has to be determined

    Search the response on the master.json call and seek the final range response for baf59356 and e34ccf8d


    download the audio

    download the video
    Mux the two

    ffmpeg -i "video.mp4" -i "audio.mp4" -c copy "final.mp4"
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