Hey guys,

What tools/codecs do i need to accomplish this ??

Off course i was able to convert avi to flv using regular video converters, but flv ends up with very poor quality.

I know flv's have a "quality limit", but im quite sure i can get better quality then the ones i got.

I tried using vp7 codec with virtualdubmod, opened the avi in vdubmod, then under compression configured the vp7 codec, but problem is i didnt saw any option to output a flv file ?? vdubmod only outputs avi

The videos needs to be flv, i know some of you might recommend the h.264 codec, but this will only output .mp4 videos, am i right ?? Im not sure about this, so please correct me if im wrong.

So, any suggestions on how can i convert avi videos to decent quality flv's ??

Thanks a lot.