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  1. Hi

    I have 2 x 720p AVI's with DTS 5.1 Audio (this is one film split into two AVI's)

    I would like to convert them into 720p MKV , AVI or MP4 (whichever yields best results/quicker?) with AC3 Audio and if I could I would like them merged into one file instead of two halves...

    can anyone suggest a guide for this? I have the following programs:
    WinAVI Video Converter
    K-Lite Codec Pack Full
    Heartware MKV Audio Converter
    Make MKV

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    I would use avidemux to join, open first avi, append the other, under video and audio use copy mode, save as a mkv. Then use popcorn mkv audio converter to make the audio ac3 in the mkv.
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  3. thanks baldrick....
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