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    I'm trying to find an avc mp4 file sample to download and view to see what the quality looks like. Can anyone point me in the proper direction??

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  2. Your reasoning doesn't make any sense.

    Just because it's AVC or mp4 doesn't necessarily indicate anything on the quality. AVC has a wide range of profiles, all the way from low quality baseline suitable for ipod to high quality suitable for blu-ray and (even lossless with some encoders)

    If the source was bad, it will be bad quality. If poor settings (e.g. low bitrate) were used or a low quality encoder was used it will be bad quality...There are too many variables to list.

    You can make your own avc mp4 with dozens of free programs (check the tools list on the left), no need to download.
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  3. Use to download HD Youtube samples. Go to Apple's trailers site and download some files.
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