Here's my problem, I collect a lot of videos from all over the Internet that I want to put on my handheld PocketPC (iPaq hx2755) , which has a screen dimension size of 320x240. The source videos I collect have various dimensions such as 672x384, 768x432, 624x352, 640x512, and so on and so on.... In order to maximize the playback viewing on my iPaq, I need to convert the source videos to a size where the horizontal dimension is 320. This is where I have to do manual work that I'd really like to not do . While I have the destination video's horizontal dimension of 320, I dont know the destination video's vertical dimension or its aspect ratio . To get those I have to calculate the aspect ration of the source file, say its dimension are 672x384 so the aspect ratio is 672/384=1.75. Then I take the desired destination video's horizontal dimension of 320 and the aspect ratio of 1.75 to determine the vertical dimension is 320/1.75=182. The destination video will need to be 320x182 with the aspect ratio of 1.75

The math is quite simple but when you feed each file into the conversion software (Xilisoft's Video Converter Ultimate), each file will need it's own custom output profile with the information I calculated above. It gets to be a royal pain.

Does anyone know of a tool that I could use to simplify the task. Something where I have to enter the fewest numbers yet produces the results as describe above.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated .