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    Here is the problem. I captured a streaming flv video from a website. It uses FLV1 and NELL for audio. However the problem is the video starts at minute 26 and the vid is 28 mins long (the actual length is about 2m 16s).

    -Every- video app i tried did the following
    2) Report an error msg creating no or a bad file
    3) Does not accept FLV even after i install ffdshow and klite codec pack mega
    4) Outputs the video with the wrong framerate (to slow. It thinks the run length is 28mins).
    5) Outputs with only the first frame. Typically creating a HUGE video file
    6) Outputs wrong video (glitchy and locks up. I think vlc did this in one mode but i cant remember)
    and all of the above may completely ignore the sound.

    VideoPad manage to open it AND convert it properly. I was happy until i realize i couldnt figure it to output quality. It turns out theres something wrong with it and the input quality is affected which is why i couldnt output anything decent

    I manage to output the audio as a wav (2m 15sec which is correct) but now i need to take the video and reencode it. How may i do that? I tried using ffmpeg -vcodec copy -an and it gave an error msg bc of a problem or something unexpected in the stream (its been a week since i tried). How may i do this? Note that most tools crash or have an error doing nothing. The others that work all get the framerate wrong. So, what do you guys suggest?
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    good did not mention what program you used to capture such video...!
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