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  1. Group,

    I am creating a Digital Photo Frame to display various vacation/baby photos in my living room. Currently all the photos are in my computer

    a) I am plannig to get a BenQ SE2231 or LG M227WA both full HD monitor TVs. Both accepts HDMI inputs.
    b) I have already have a DVD player with HDMI out and upscaling capability upto 1080p.
    c) I am planning to use DVD Slideshow GUI to prepare the photo slide show as it has audio and additional video inclusion option.

    I dont have a HD DVD player and hence that option is ruled out.

    What other options I have to display my photos in their maximum quality/resolution from my regular DVD player. My photos are all of 3MP to 12MPixel.

    Appreciate any pointers in this matter.

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    720x480/576 is the highest resolution you can use if you want it to work on a standard dvd player.

    Most dvd players also support jpg images in higher quality on a cd/dvd but you can't make any custom slideshow then.
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  3. Custom slide show is not that important to me. I noted in one Sony Model (DVP-NS728HP) a format called PhotoTV-HD. Here is the text
    "Furthermore, by using a SONY TV that supports PhotoTV HD, the image quality mode of the TV changes automatically to Photo Mode (*) to reproduce precisely the delicate, natural tones and color variety of the photos. The photos are reproduced in never before experienced full, high-definition image quality"

    The text regarding the DVD player (

    "This new feature allows you and your loved ones to enjoy all your favourite images right on your BRAVIA TV in their full glory. Create a slide show directly from your Handycam, Cyber-shot or Alpha featuring your exotic vacation or a collection of images from days long past and enjoy them in the High Definition and colour of your BRAVIA TV."

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