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    I have an issue with my new PC that is very frustrating.

    My PC:
    920 i7 processor
    ASUS P6T Delux Motherboard
    6 gig ram
    2 terabyte hard drives in Raid (mirror configuration)
    Vista 64 bit
    EVGA 9800 GT video card with 1 gig ram
    Creative Labs X-Fi card
    V-8 cooler
    Antec 750 watts power supply
    LG Super Blu-Ray DVD player/burner
    Corel WINDVD 2010 Professional (software to play Blu-Ray movies)

    Everything runs fast and smooth

    BUT when I play a store bought Blu-Ray movie both the sound and video stutter and / or the video and audio are out of synch.
    Why? Here are the things I tried.

    I installed the very latest drivers in everything. No luck with that.

    I have removed Alcohol 120% and Nero 9 softwares because I thought they could possibly conflict with the Blu-Ray movie. No luck with that.

    Then I called the the factory technicians at ASUS P6T mother board, LG Blu-Ray player, Corel WINDVD 2010 Professional, Creative Labs X-Fi sound card and EVGA 9800GT video card. They were very generous with their time and did trouble shooting with me on the phone........No luck with that.

    Conclusion: No technician knows why this "stuttering" is happening!

    Could someone please help me solve this problem? Any suggestions?

    Thank you, guys
    little orfa
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    Make sure hardware acceleration is on. You can use a program called DXVA Checker to see if your setup is working properly:

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  3. Make sure you don't have anything running in the background and turn off your AV program(s).
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    Search Comp PM has a new article: Blu-ray Done Right: How Does Your Integrated GPU Stack Up?
    In it reference is made to stuttering caused by the noise reduction feature and the improvement when it is disabled.
    It references the GeForce 8200 but might have similarities to your 9800.
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