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  1. Does anyone have a simple guide to do this?
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    Try Any Video Converter Free Version. It has Zune presets. You will probably have to decrypt the DVD first with DVDFab HD Decrypter, then you could use VOB2MPG to extract the main movie to a MPEG, then convert that to Zune format.

    There's probably an easier way, but I'm not that familiar with the requirements of the Zune players. But others here may know.
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  3. i like xmediarecode for zune conversions. you can select the dvd ifo from the dvd drive and not have to copy to the hard drive. if it's a retail dvd you will need anydvd running to remove the protection in the background.

    you can also choose the ifo from the video_ts folder after ripping to the hard drive if you wish.

    you can choose to produce wma, mp4, or h264 files.

    fairly fast. h264 dvd conversion from a hard drive video_ts is about 20 minutes.
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  4. Thank you both for the help..
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