OK I finally got true 7.1 audio setup from my pc with my creative xfi soundcard.

However after testing it out with my original six Star Trek Bluray disc set it seems that the rear channels have merely been moved up to the side channels.

The Star Trek set says each movie has been updated to high def and 7.1. Could it just be that they dropped the volume on the rear sets that would have been used in the dvds and shifted them to the side channels to make you think you have 7.1 audio? Or do I have to something extra to my configuration?

I am using Corel Windvd 2010 pro by the way for my bluray playback.


Also is there a way to get access to the center rear channel on 6.1 movies? I would expect it would be possible to simply matrix the center rear channel and shunt it to the side channels to get sound out of all 8 speakers.

Edit - Ok i updated my drivers but I don't have mapping control for dolby digital or dts. However I noticed in the support section in creative.com that the console launcher is supposed to have controls for dts and dolby digital. It is also supposed to let you tell it where to send 5.1 modes for 7.1 output. THat is what i need to get full control. I'll see if I can update that portion.
One thing I do want to know is there an "upconverting" mechanism in the Creative software to allow simulated 7.1 from any source? I thought that was what Dolby Pro Logic 2 was supposed to be for.

I have used the sound console repeatedly and have confirmed I get sound independently from each speaker in the correct order so I do have the setup in the right order.

Could it be the upconversions on the audio from older movies just isn't what its cracked up to be?

Do newer movies fully utilize the 7.1 option?

Are there any thx trailers that use 7.1 I could download? You know those openings they throw on dvds?