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    Ive recently setup dual monitors but ive ran into a problem. I have one monitor running via vga output and another via DVI-D which i have a DVI-D to VGA convertor connected to. But the monitor whihc is connected to the DVI-D port is not showing anything, the computer finds its and reconizes it but it only shows a blank screen, i did a bit of research and found out this is because of some retarded thing called HDCP and that my monitor is not HDCP capable. So i was wondering if there is anyway to bypass or disable HDCP?

    My graphics card is nVidia GeForce 8200

    If you could help that will be great

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  2. i don't think hdcp can be bypassed or disabled. it is built into the hardware and there isn't any settings. but it should still show something, hdcp is an encryption scheme for playing hd videos (such as blueray disks) on the computer. my guess would be if you are not doing that, it should still show something on the display. check to see if there is any settings on the software that came with the video card, you may need to enable something on that. also go into the display properties in windows and see if the other monitor is enabled.
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  3. DVI-D does not include analog VGA so the adapter won't work.
    HDCP isn't required just to see the desktop.
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  4. So, you did a bit of research and "discovered" that your dual-monitor problem is HDCP? And then you ask if HDCP can be bypassed or disabled???

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    I would check your video card specs. As mentioned, DVI-D won't work as VGA needs a analog signal and the 'D' is digital only. But most cards have a DVI-I interface, and that would work as it can output both digital, or analog with the correct adapter. If that DVI to VGA adapter came with the card, it's likely a DVI-I connection. HDCP doesn't have anything to do with it. It might if you were using a HDMI connection.

    Check your video card software. You may not have it configured properly.
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