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    I'm trying to hook up an LCD monitor I have to my Verizon Fios cable box...Here's what I have for inputs in each:

    LCD monitor has:
    - DC in
    - DVI
    - D-sub
    - Line in (I believe for audio)

    Cable box has:
    - RF in
    - Digital Audio optical
    - S-video
    - Data
    - USB
    - IR

    What kind of cables do I need in order to watch TV on my LCD monitor? Thanks so much,
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  2. You'll need more than a cable. You'll need a scan converter to go from s-video to VGA. Something like this:
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    If your monitor has HDCP support on the DVI-D input, it may work with the FIOS box set to 480p or 720p output. Otherwise you will need a converter box.

    Wait. This isn't a high def FIOS box? In that case ignor the above or get the high def box.
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