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  1. I have been member of this site for a long time, back to the days where I made VCDs !!!
    This site has really good section to list DVD Media, DVD players, DVD Recorders etc... so that we can find out the capabilities of any model from any vendor.
    We should add one more device to the "LISTS" box on the left. HD Media Player (or simply Media Player to include the Networking one).
    These knowledge bases will help:
    a) us, the consumers to buy the right product (i.e. having the right features we need)
    b) us to rate each product. This helps the vendor to look into improving their products with firmware upgrades.
    ktnwin - PATIENCE
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    Those devices are becoming a lot more common. Since that change would affect the site, I'll move this thread to feedback where it may get more responses.
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    There are other (hardware media) types too, such as the network ones. I see there is one becommng popular, might look into it, the sling media player. There are various verisons/upgrade kits for it, and the base model (Forget model number) will play like the WDTV and LG media player without network requirement, just a HDD full of movies and you're good to go.. ( at bestbuy, $199 )

    Also, there is the Multimedia Station E-Z, a cordless w/ remote, that is very similar to Windos 7's media player suite. I saw it (win7) version and it was quite nice, part of a new OEM emachines system. The unit's "video" functionality is also very similar to that of HP's digital picture frame's video features, ( at bestbuy, $29 )

    And, last, not sure if the TIVO, DirecTV would count, but theres also this new Internet Box, TiVo's VUDO, 1080p HD Internet movie player a small black box, weight like 3lbs but had every connections for HDMI; DVI; VGA; Comosite; etc., description lists as no monthly service, but don't know if thats true. ( at bestbuy, $149 )

    I thought I'd throw these up in case they might have something to do with this topics aim.

    -vhelp 5209
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