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    Just the basics of my pc setup below I also own a WD 1080P Media Player but I get the same results with any 1080p content that I download 720p just works fine.

    Win 7 Ultimate
    Sharp 52" 1080p 120Hz Panel connected dvi2hdmi cable
    Intel 805D processor watercooled OC to 4.00Ghz
    2x WD Raptors Raid 0
    2Gig OCZ 667 Memory
    Geforce 8800GTX

    WD1080p Player with current firmware and a sony hdmi cable

    My problem is video lags at times and audio isn't in sync what suggestions do you have for media players to use on my pc ive tried vlc, mpc, kmplayer or is it that neither my pc or this western digital media player will play 1080p rips thank you for your time.
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    Welcome to the forums, but as is often the case with new members, you're not telling us enough to help you.

    What's the audio format of the files? Is it DTS? What container is the file? (MKV? Something else?) What's the frame rate of the video? A tool like GSpot or something similar might be of help here.

    The WD generally plays 1080p fine, but DTS can be challenging. It could just be that nothing can play these files correctly because whoever made them screwed up. I'm not familiar with your processor, so I don't know if your PC is fast enough for 1080p video or not.
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  3. You need either a multithreaded h.264 decoder or hardware h.264 decoding for smooth playback of 1080p. ffdshow mt has a free software decoder. You can also use CoreAVC Pro (not the non-pro version). Recent versions of MPCHC have a multithreaded build of ffdshow internally.

    Your graphics card has hardware h.264 decoding. MPCHC supports the feature. Go to View -> Options -> Internal Filters -> Transform Filters, and enable H264/AVC (DXVS) for hardware decoding, or H264/AVC (FFmpeg) for software decoding. If you use the software decoder double click on it to bring up the config dialog and set the Decoding Thread Number to 2. The hardware decoder, DXVA, will not work on all h.264 sources.
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